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“We need new Role Models.
Persons, who are unconsciously breaking with stereotypes and thereby building new ways of thinking.” 

(Schwarz. Rot. Wir)

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Pierrot Raschdorff







I grew up in Ostfriesland, in the very north of Germany. As a political scientist, advertising and marketing manager, I started my professional life after Uni working for various agencies, such as Jung von Matt or DDB and later on media companies, such as EDEL AG or Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe in Munich.


The development and creation of creative ideas that bring people together and overcome social barriers has always driven me.


Last but not least, this is why I absolved a training as mediator a while ago and why I am active as a speaker on the topic of DEI. How we can live together as a diverse society, I also clarify in publications such as my recent book:


Schwarz. Rot. Wir.

"Diversity is in every human being."

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2022 Spiegel Online guest article

2022 Black - Red - Us.  How diversity makes us
richer. Book. Mosaik Publishing House.

2020 Mindsets for crisis-proof leadership. Whitepaper.

2020 Endure! Commentary on attitude and tolerance of ambiguity. Article in: GALORE Literature, No. 40, p.19

2020 Why podcasts are also "binge-worthy". Guest article in W&V

2015 Politics study guide. Study guide.
Eden Verlag (ISBN 978-3944296470)



To live our diversity, we need role models - not prejudices. Above all, we need role models who consciously break with stereotypes. Because prejudices lead to the division of society, 70 percent
of Germans alone already feel them today.


To counteract this division, we need to seek our common ground, to overcome our own prejudices.


Schwarz. Rot. Wir. presents new role models as diversity champions and Pierrot Raschdorff shows how powerful these diversity champions can be. He approaches terms like cancel culture, identity politics and cultural appropriation, shows how we can deal with them as a community and that the most important aspect within the debate is always respectful dialogue.


A plea for a lived diversity in Germany.

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